Top 10 Most Searched Questions about Car Subscription-Answered

With the lifestyle change, car subscription has become the new normal by replacing the traditional norms of owning a car. Car subscriptions allow one to own a car with a hassle-free process whereas other costs like insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance are covered in the subscription plan only. However, a significant portion of society is not familiar with the concept of car subscriptions. Let’s discuss some of the most asked questions concerning car subscriptions.

What exactly is Car Subscription?

Car Subscription comes with a complete package of services providing a car on lease for a fixed monthly fee, covering the costs of insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. The term duration of the subscription may vary from 3 months to 48 months, depending upon the requirements of an individual.

How does a Car Subscription work?

Users are meant to pay a fixed monthly charge to access the car for the specified time, after expiration of the term the car has to be returned to the real owner. In some plans, a car swapping option is also available, or cancelling the subscription with prior notice and implied penalties.

What is the difference between Car Leasing and Car Subscription?

Car leasing – While leasing a car, there is limited flexibility regarding the duration of time, it is usually for longer periods which only covers depreciation cost, interest, and fees of the car. It is a cheaper option than a subscription.

Car Subscription – Subscribing a car is much more flexible in its terms and conditions while providing a car with a plan according to your needs and pocket, side by side, covering other costs like insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance.

Subscription may seem to be more expensive than leasing but it is worth what it is asking for and all the perks along with it.

Are there mileage restrictions with Car Subscription?

Mileage restrictions fluctuate with the range of your subscription plan and may be charged extra for extra mileage traveling.

What is included in Car Subscription?

Car subscription is a full platter of amazing services which can be seen below-

·   Hassle-free process

·   Insurance

·   Maintenance

·   Roadside Assistance

·   Tax Benefits

·   Pick and Drop from the allotted location

·   Easy entry and exit

·   Transparent Pricing·   Buy Back option available

Is a down payment required for a Car Subscription?

By sticking to its hassle-free process, the customer is not bound to pay a down payment as the car is being provided on rent for a fixed period at a certain monthly cost.

Can I own a luxury or an electric car?

Of course, anyone can own a luxury car or an electric one because of the wide range of options available to let users experience different models and brands without buying one.

Can I change my car during the subscription?

There are a lot of cars from different brands and models to choose from, also customers can change their car during the subscription but after following some terms and conditions of the company.

What documents are required for subscribing to a car?

To make it an easy easy going process, car subscription has become a hassle-free procedure where minimal online paperwork is done with an Aadhar card, driver’s license, and income proof, and you will be enjoying your ride smoothly.

How do I cancel the car subscription?

Car Subscription can’t be canceled by most companies, still, few are there to listen to customer grievances genuinely and try to solve them at their best potential to proceed for cancellation. Some of the companies do cancel the subscription plan without refunding the rest amount.

These were a few of the queries that were raised by a mass group frequently to get effective and efficient use of Car Subscription plans. To fulfill your car needs, Myles has always been there to serve its customers with top-notch services of providing a car with insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance in a single package only thus, making it a complete hassle-free journey.