save fuel while driving

The ultimate guide on how to save fuel while driving

Fuel prices are becoming sky high, day after day and this has led many commuters to opt public transport instead. Who wants to empty their pockets by filling up their tanks anyway? No one. While you don’t have any control on the inflating fuel costs, the best solution is to reduce the fuel consumption of your car with certain driving tricks and get to save a few bucks every time you travel.

Getting the most mileage out of your tank requires disciplined and sensible driving and a few vehicle setups. The insane prices of petrol leave drivers finding for ways to reduce the thirst of their cars and thus, savor the chance to ease their budgets from savings in daily commutes.

We offer you certain simple ways to reduce your fuel costs and help prevent denting your finances-

Vehicle maintenance:

By ensuring that your vehicle is at an optimum performance level, you can save on fuel costs by enjoying the best mileage possible. Wearing parts and low engine fluids hampers fuel consumption and make the tank drain relatively faster. Thus, tuning everything to perfection ensures that the engine demands least fuel per mile and makes it possible to achieve the desired mileage.

The self drive car on rent is a viable means to ensure that you get to drive fully maintained vehicles that have a fantastic manufacturer fuel mileage and thus, get to save a few bucks each time you drive.

Drive sensibly and don’t rush

Sensible and disciplined driving is what helps maintain a better fuel consumption from your car. Utilizing the momentum and preventing sudden braking and acceleration will reduce the fuel drained from the tank and help you achieve the target commute budget. Every vehicle comes with a prescribed speed limit that is best for achieving maximum fuel consumption efficiency and it is advised to follow these instructions.

Get your car on a diet

The more load on the engine, the more fuel it needs to consume. With a lighter vehicle and passenger load, the engine has to work less in order to pull everything and thus weight reduction is a useful remedy to cut your gas costs.

Maintain optimum Tyre pressure

Rolling friction from the tyres can create a resistance in the motion thus the engine needs to put in an extra effort for being able to achieve the desired speed. The lower the air levels, the larger the contact patch and the friction between the rubber and road surface. Thus, maintaining optimum air pressure is a must.

To help you achieve the set goals of fuel costs, MYLES with its car for rent services offers vehicles that are fully prepped and regularly maintained to serve optimum performance.