Tips and tricks to maintain your cars in summer


Summers are hitting hard and therefore Myles brings to you suggestions which will surely help you to take care of your cars because the sweltering temperatures can mean trouble not only for your body but your car too. You get to snuggle up in your cosy room with the AC on full blast. The car, on the other hand, gets toasted outside under the relentless heat. Not a way to treat a friend, right?

  1. Cool down your car interior within seconds before entering it.

Entering into a car in the summers feels like entering an oven naked. Well, with a simple exercise, you can avoid it. Just roll down one car window, and open and close the opposite car door rapidly. This will pump out the hot air built up inside the car, and bring the interior temperature close to the ambient temperature. All hail science!

  1. Use dryer sheets to keep your car odour-free.

In the unbearable heat, your car’s leather seats start smelling. Deodorize your car by taping a dryer sheet onto the air conditioning. When you switch on the AC at full blast, your car will get refreshed!

  1. Always keep food and cold drinks in the glove compartment.

Many cars these days have an AC line feeding directly into the glove compartment, thereby turning it into a mini cold storage!

  1. Keep the seats blanketed to avoid getting scorched.

Shriek in pain when you have to sit on sizzling car seats? Always keep a small blanket on the seat once you leave your car so that it doesn’t occur ever again! You can also use the blanket on the window frame to rest your elbow when the window is rolled down!

  1.  Cover the air vents with a thin wet cloth in case the AC stops working.

What do you do when your AC stops throwing cold air all of a sudden? Simply wet your handkerchief or any other cloth in the car, and place it in front of the AC vents. Then, turn on the fan. There’s your temporary AC!

Happy summers,

Team Myles!