Ways Automotive Industry is Helping in Pandemic

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus or Covid-19, it becomes a matter of concern for the economic hardship for consumers, communities, and business across the globe. The pandemic has put countries’ economic outlook into uncertainties, especially the travel and tourism, automotive and hospitality industry on the front line.

In the Automotive Industry, the most affected areas are production hubs responsible for being a key link in the global supply chain. Post lockdown, the emerged hardships are gradually vanishing, making the industry regain its growth. But the second waves extended the effect from which the industry is still recovering.

The second wave hit harder, and this time, the automotive industry come together to extend its services to society. Many cab services, car subscription, and car rental companies collaborate with the hospitals and government to aid the country’s battle against COVID-19.

Automotive Industry’s Initiative

As Coronavirus cases in the country continue to escalate, several private firms have come forward and extended their services for those in need.

Commute for Treatment

With the surge in Covid-19 cases, the country is facing a scarcity of resources. Amidst the chaos, private companies collab with the state governments and hospitals to provide cabs to Covid patients for an easy commute for their treatment. These cab services are running 24 hours a day to pick and drop patients while taking all necessary precautionary measures. The facility is offered free of cost, and the vehicles are equipped with masks and sanitiser.

Oxygen Cylinders

Recently, we heard about Auto-Ambulance with Oxygen support in Delhi. The autos of the capital modify to help COVID-19 patients with an oxygen level between 85-90 to reach the hospital on time and risk-free. Many cab services companies have also started similar initiatives like:

  • In-build Oxygen Cylinder in the vehicles.
  • Doorstep Delivery of Oxygen Concentrators to Customers.
  • Customers can make a request through their apps, and website and after providing a few basic details, the supplies will be delivered.
  • Many private firms extend aid by offering free oxygen cylinders to cabs to meet the requirements.

Vaccination Drive

Cab services are thoroughly supporting the Indian Government’s vaccination drive. Book your slot, and then book your cab. Travel risk-free to your centre in no time. Not only this, cab services offer discounts to the customers who are going for vaccination and even free rides to senior citizens.

Initially, some cab services companies offered 25000 more free rides to COVID-19 vaccine centres across the country. Contributions continue to pour in from private firms, both domestic and international, to support them.

Medical Assistance

One company offers free emergency cab services for COVID patients, and the other is helping with the vaccination drive. One provides oxygen concentrators at the doorstep, so the other has made their vehicles into an emergency hospital. Furthermore, these companies also offering services like medical assistance like providing medicines, injection, etc., the patient needs. The customer needs to provide them with lead or basic details and book services. The cab will pick and drop the supplies to them.

To help meet essential travels and providing medical assistance needs during this challenging time is a lot of support for a person in need. The automotive industry is doing its bit in every possible way to help society. We are also at your service 24/7.

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