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Arguably India’s most flamboyant city, Jaipur is known for its colours and culture. The Rajasthan’s capital is an enthralling historic capital that takes you to an era bygone. City Palace here is one of the favorite attractions, with royal observatory and Jantar Mantar paving way to the times in history. The arid hills surrounding the city give it a grandeur that’s otherwise unimaginable. The city continues to house the former royal family and has its own unique pace. If you want to foray into another world, wish to experience the grandeur of India, then Jaipur is a great place to be.

The city and Rajasthan is general is best explored through a road trip. And who can guarantee you better trips than Myles itself. The self-drive car rental company has over 30 different models of car, so whether you want a hatchback or a sedan, you can choose one and drive through lanes of Jaipur. If you are interesting in driving through the sand dunes in Rajasthan, opt for an SUV and enjoy an experience that will leave you mesmerize.

That’s the benefit of hiring a self-drive car from Myles. You can choose to pick up the car from different locations across Jaipur with the opportunity to ride across Rajasthan or wherever you want. The rates are affordable and competitive, so you can obviously have a car from a day to a week, which is quite a deal when you want to enjoy a unique experience in the royal lands of Rajasthan.

The vehicles are available on discounts as well, which can be availed through a referral system or by hiring a car for a longer-duration instead of a shorter one.

So, go ahead! Browse our vehicles and choose a car that’s going to be your companion for a trip to Jaipur!