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Self-Drive cars in Vellore

Vellore, a city that embraces diversity and spirituality! A city that shines with its unique charm year-round! Located in Tamil Nadu, Vellore boasts a rich cultural heritage and is famous for its historical significance, including the renowned Vellore Fort.

Self-Drive car rentals

While Vellore is known for its historical landmarks, there's much more to explore. The city is a melting pot of history, culture, and cuisine, offering not only sacred places but also vibrant markets, museums, and architectural marvels. To make the most of your visit, consider renting a self-drive car to traverse the roads of Vellore and its surrounding areas.

About Myles cars

When it comes to self-drive adventures in Vellore, your trusted partner is Myles. We enable you to connect with the roads you love while riding in the vehicle of your choice. As pioneers in the industry, Myles offers a diverse fleet of over 38 car models. With a presence in 8+ cities, we bring the convenience of renting cars by the hour, day, week, or even on a monthly basis to Vellore. So, whenever you feel the urge to embark on a journey, Myles will be right there with multiple pick-up locations.

To book your preferred car, simply browse our range and select the vehicle that suits your needs. If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated professionals are just a call away at 888 222 2222, ready to help you with your booking!


What is Myles Self-Drive Rental Plan in Vellore?

Myles Self-Drive in Vellore offers rental cars on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis with zero maintenance, insurance costs, and roadside assistance.

What is included in Myles Self-Drive Rental in Vellore?

Myles Self-Drive Rental in Vellore may include maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance, and other perks.

What are the benefits of Myles Self-Drive Rental in Vellore?

Myles Self-Drive rental in Vellore provides 38+ car models, Transparent Pricing, 24/7 Support, Easy Booking Process, and Minimal Paperwork.

What is the policy for the security deposit in Vellore?

We accept credit cards, debit cards, and net banking for the security deposit in Vellore. You can choose to pay the security amount before car pick-up, and the refund will be initiated once the car is returned.

How do you calculate the charges for different kilometer packages in Vellore?

Our pricing plans for different kilometer packages in Vellore are based on factors like car mileage, wear and tear, and rental cost. You can select the package that best suits your needs. If you exceed the allocated kilometers, you will be charged extra based on the "additional km charge" for the specific car model and city.

Are there any taxes on the rental amount in Vellore?

Yes, GST will be charged on the rental amount in Vellore.

Why do you give cars with a commercial number plate in Vellore?

According to the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA), privately registered cars cannot be used for commercial purposes. Insurance does not cover any eventuality if a private car is used for commercial purposes. Therefore, we provide cars with commercial number plates in Vellore to comply with the law and ensure proper insurance coverage.

Can the police bother me for renting a car in Vellore?

No, we provide you with all the necessary legal documents required to drive a self-drive registered car in Vellore. You can drive without any concerns about police interference.