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The concept of self-drive rentals has been common in the developed countries. Recently, it has witnessed a growth in India as well, particularly in places like Noida, where people have to commute to far places in Delhi-NCR for work, studies and other purposes. The novel concept of Self-drive helps people enjoy the commute without burning a hole in their pocket. Myles, the self-drive offers the opportunity of convenient, safe and private travel without investing in a car or maintaining it.

The self-drive service from Myles is available across the country and has several pick-up points in Noida. Therefore, you can hire a car to reach home from the office or for days when you don’t want to travel through public transportation or when you need a stable source of commute for all your days. The cars are available in over 30 models across hatchbacks and sedans, premium luxury vehicles and even SUVs. So, you can choose a car that suits your needs and budget without a hassle. In fact, you can hire a car in Noida for those weekend trips and short vacations that you deserve.

Why should you choose Myles’ self-drive car rental?

Well, because it’s convenient. Nobody likes to travel miles on public transportation, especially when you have so many stressors to handle every single day. At the same time, hiring a cab everyday can be quite expensive and sometimes, inconvenient if the cabs are late. But when you rent a car from Myles, all you need to do is pick-up. After that, you can drive around the car on your own, carpool with your friends to reduce the daily or monthly charges on the car. And even if you don’t carpool, you wouldn’t have to worry about the budget as these cars are extremely affordable. At the same time, you get the benefit of inclusive fuel charges.

So, next time, drive a car with Myles!