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I was looking for investment options and like many my objective was to earn maximum return, with little risk in a short period of time. After a thorough market research about the car-rental industry I selected the Myles Angels Program

- Maitryee Mukherjee
New Delhi

When I enrolled for the program, my greatest concern was that my car will probably be returned in an unpleasant state. However I was relieved when a Location tracking device and speeding alert system was installed in the car.

- Anurag Sharma
New Delhi

Service is a huge part of what they do at Myles. The primary reason for me to choose Myles over its competitors was that they are supportive and approachable

- Sameep Mishra
(Software Engineer)
New Delhi

You dream of a car.

We make it happen. Others pay for it.

Go from being simply a car owner to a smart entrepreneur, welcome to the Myles Angels Program.

Once you enrol yourself as an angel, not only will we help you buy the car you desire, but also make you earn from it. A hatchback with an initial
investment of Rs 50,000-1,00,000 can earn you up to Rs 40,000/month. Unheard of, right?

Once you own the car, all you have to do is to lease it to our car sharing network and we'll take care of the rest. From insurance to maintenance, we've everything covered.

HOW does it work

1. Register as an Angel
2. Take a loan or self-fund a car
3. Lease your car on our platform
4. Start earning
5. Headache-free operations

Who can be an Angel?

1. Working Professionals
2. Self-employed Individuals
3. Small Entrepreneurs
4. Car Fleet Operators Without a Self-drive License

About Myles

Myles is India's premier self-drive service available across 21 cities with 250+ convenient pick-up locations. Myles' wide range of cars includes more than 38 car models from a Mahindra e2o to a Mercedez.

Myles has grown from 14 cars to 1200+ cars in the last three years. To further cater to the growing demand for self-drive, Myles plans to bring together a fleet of 50,000 cars in 50 cities spread across over 5000 locations. in the next few years. The idea is to provide a Myles car every 400 meters in a city.

Self-drive through Myles is making sure that greater flexibility, convenience and affordability is available to any individual looking to buy a car. We use sophisticated telematics solutions to enable all cars to be available on a single web and mobile platform. Today, Myles is changing the way young urban Indians are buying cars.

Register & receive a call for better assistance

So what are you waiting for? Register in the Myles Angels program today, and let your dream car give you up to 50% return!