Gurgaon Travel Guide


Apart from being the well-known corporate hub near Delhi, Gurgaon is also popular as a party place. There is so much to do and indulge in Gurgaon that often times it gets overwhelming when it comes to finding a place amongst the most interesting places to visit in Gurgaon. For this very reason, we have curated a shortlist of places you can pick from when planning to go out in the city. The city is dotted with countless restaurants, cafes, breweries, shopping malls and hotels.


Cyber Hub

This is a one-of-a-kind place in Gurgaon. It is a magnificent socializing center that houses amazing restaurants, pubs, clubs, gaming arcades, etc. The place is ideal for a party, dinner, lunch and get together with friends. Cyber Hub is the place where most action happens in Gurgaon. Food variety ranges from exotic continental delicacies to authentic desi Indian cuisine. Some of the best places to visit here include the Beer Cafe, The Wine Company, Nando’s, Soi 7 Pub & Brewery, Kebab Express, The Red Mango and many more.


Kingdom of Dreams

Not in the mood for partying or shopping? Head to the Kingdom of Dreams. Spread across several acres of land, the Kingdom of Dreams is one of the major attractions in the city. It is a perfect place for a day out with friends and family. The place offers many entertainment and leisure opportunities - Theatrical events, musicals, etc. here you can visit the Culture Gallery museum, the Showshaa Theatre and the iifa Buzz Cafe.


Ambience Mall

Ambience Mall is one of the most popular shopping places in Gurgaon. Spanning several acres of land, it is one of the biggest malls in the city and appeals to people of all age groups. Whether it’s just shopping, savoring mouth-watering delicacies, wanting to watch a movie, hosting a social event, or enjoying gaming, the mall caters to all needs and interests. Right from budget outlets to some of the most elite and luxurious brands, here you will find it under one roof.


When it comes to partying, Gurgaon is the place to be at. From the past few years, the city has experienced a big rise in the number of breweries and microbreweries that offer an extensive and exquisite range of beers from all over. Few breweries in Gurgaon that really stand out are Ministry of Beer, Manhattan Bar Exchange & Brewery, Open Tap, Prankster, Soi 7 Pub & Brewery, Bronx Bar Exchange, Warehouse Cafe and many more. 


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