Kamshet is a scenic hill station in the Western Ghats, popular for paragliding and camping near Mumbai. This place is a paradise for travelers seeking adventure experiences. However, if you are not much of a thrill-seeker, you can still spend your time here enjoying the natural scenery, or strolling through the small villages dotted around this quaint hill station. If you want to witness the quintessential Indian village lifestyle, then you must visit at least one of the villages here. Interact with locals or head on a shopping spree at the local village markets.


Places to Visit in Kamshet

Uksan Lake

If you want to revel in peace and quiet, you must try camping by the Uksan Lake. Tourists will be required to ask for the road to the Nane road or Govitri. It is situated about 10 km away from the Kamshet marketplace. Essentially it is a small dam with a clean and placid lake.

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Shinde Wadi Hills

Shinde Wadi Hills is the most popular paragliding take-off point in Kamshet. It is an ideal spot for beginners to try paragliding as it is mere around 100-200 feet above ground level. It is believed that soldiers fired from atop the hill of Shinde Wadi during their battle with the British.

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Tikona Fort

Kamshet is located nearby the trek route to the Tikona Fort. The fort is perched atop a mountain and, as its name suggests is triangular in shape. You can enjoy great views of Pawna Dam, Kathingad and Lohagad climbing through the trek. It’s a beginner level trek, so everyone can enjoy and climb up easily.


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Bedsa Caves

Situated a 30-min drive from Kamshet, Bhedsa caves are one of the oldest caves in Maharashtra. The caves date back to 60 BC and are situated on a sloppy hill location. The place is well known for the exquisite carvings found here on the cave walls.

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Things to Do in Kamshet

Other than sightseeing, tourists can opt to do paragliding and enjoy camping in Kamshet. This is one of the top destinations in India to enjoy paragliding and experience the adrenaline rush. There a number of paragliding operators here, with experienced pilots and trainers, to take you soaring high over the Western Ghats. There are a few other adventure activities like rock climbing and certain water sports that tourists can indulge in here. There are a few paragliding spots here including Shinde Wadi Hills, Shelar and Tower Hill and Kondeshwar Cliff.

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